Cyndi Boyer is a selftaught graphic designer who pulls her inspiration from the depth of the universe.  Cyndi is deeply passionate about designing awe-inspiring masterpieces for hearts and homes. She loves it when she graces a plethora of blank canvases that can be gifted for those special occasions.

Cyndi discovered her gift of design one day when she was creating coloring pages for children.  From there Cyndi started making a myriad of designs for different occasions including Mother’s Day, Graduation, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and more.

Cyndi enjoys making magic that has the ability to transform hearts and change lives.  Cyndi says, “I love to create magic for my customers; they love what I do because I pour every ounce of my deep-seeded passion into everything I create using their vision.  One of my customers said, “All I know is your designs are beautiful!” Another said, “Your designs are amazing”. These words are songs I have and will continue to write through the art of design.

In addition to being a graphic artist, Cynthia has also been blessed with the gift to write beautiful, heartwarming poetry. She is a loving wife, mother and a caregiver to her mother who now resides with her and her family.